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  Hand made by me. This is another lovely numbers game for 2 people.

  This game is great for basic number skills.

  The game consists of a board, 3 number dice, 18 red or blue marbles, and 18 white marbles.

  There are two ways to play this game.

   1      The first game uses simple addition. Throw the 3 dice, add them up, and place any number of                           marbles on the board to match your total.

    2.   This game can get a bit more complicated with the maths.  You still throw the 3 dice, but this time,                   you use the 3 numbers, and a combination of maths to get to a number on the board.

           For example, you throw 3,5 and 2 -- your answer could be 3 x 5 minus 2 = 13 and  place your marble               on number 13. You only place one marble on the board with each turn.

           The aim of the game with both games is to get your marbles on 5 pairs of numbers, as per number                  8,12 and 15 on the photo. You then win the game.

            Full instructions are provided, as there are other rules to follow with each game, but all of the rules                 are easy to follow once you have played a couple of games.

      THE SAFETY STUFF.   This game has small marbles, which could be a choking hazard.

       It is NOT suitable for children under 5 years of age. Other children, of any age should be supervised               when playing this game.


  £ 20

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