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Traditional and modern wooden games and puzzles. Terrific fun for all the family from 5 to 105 years of age. most of them are hand made with the help of a few tools. I compliment these with a variety of more modern games providing hours of fun and entertainment.

I also have a wide range of novelty wooden bookmarks.

Cheap and cheerful, but provide a lovely marker in your current book.

Most of the bookmarks are in stock.

Please note, most of the games and puzzles, are made to order. When placing an order, allow one week for making the item, plus postage time.

  New for 2020 is my own range of  hand made wooden puzzles for dogs.

  The idea for this came from our own dog. We purchased a game for him, not particularly cheap, but it was badly made with cheap MDF. After a month or so, the moving parts started to stick, and became even worse with further use.

    So I decided to make my own, in a much sturdier style.

   Our dog has now been using some of these every day for the last nine months,and they are still going strong.  More importantly he has not lost the enjoyment of playing with them.  So long as they are kept reasonably clean, and you do not allow your dog to chew the wood, they should last a long time.

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