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The balancing nails puzzle, is an old English pub game.

Sadly, it is not seen in many pubs anymore.

You have a block of wood, with a nail fixed in the centre, and seven loose nails.


You have to work out how to balance, all seven nails on the top of the centre nail.

The nails are not allowed to touch the floor, or the wooden base.

The holes in the base are not part of the game. They are simply for storing the nail, when the game is not being used.

The solution is provided with the game, sealed in an envelope. To which I say, if you do not want to see the solution, don't look

This game is suitable for anybody over the age of seven.

It has real nails, which could be dangerous and harmful, if not used correctly. They must only be used for this puzzle.

Please supervise all people playing this game

£ 9

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