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oak dominoes


  This is a lovely set of dominoes. Hand made in mahogany.

   They are in a nice chunky size, so easy to handle if you have arthritis or weak hands. These dominoes are also

useful for anybody with  poor or limited vision. All of the pieces have been indented, so you can feel the number of dots with your fingers.

It is a double six set of 28 dominoes.

Each piece is 7cm long x 3cm wide and 2 cm thick

Also now available in OAK. The oak pieces are the same size, but the finish is a lighter colour.

All of the pieces have been finished with a clear varnish, so if they get grubby, you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

  IMPORTANT NOTE   These dominoes are hand made and hand marked by me. You will find the odd dot which is slightly out of line with the others. It makes no difference to the way you play the game. Think of it, not as a mistake, but a design feature - it makes the set unique to you.

If you want machine accuracy, please do not purchase.

After you purchase this set, I will e-mail you to confirm which set of dominoes, you wish to purchase.

£ 20

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Postage and packing for this item is £ 6

and will be added on checkout

Please note, nothing will be posted outside of the UK

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