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Something a little different.

This one is not for humans, but man's best friend, your DOG.

A nice little puzzle for dogs. Not too difficult, but most dogs should enjoy this little puzzle. 

It consists of 4 lift off lids, with treats hidden in the space under the lid.

The idea is for your dog to lift off the lid with their mouth, to gain access to the yummy treats. Some dogs will probably get the lid off by simply using their paws to dislodge the lid.

It measures 14cm x 12cm. The little holes in each of the lids, is so your dog can smell the treat inside, and entice them to have a go.

I tested this puzzle on my dog, who is a large 39kg Utonagan.  He worked it out in around twenty seconds, and enjoyed the result. My dog is quite large, so this puzzle should be ok for most sizes of dog.

The safety stuff.   Do not allow your dog to chew the base or the lids. After use, leave the lids off for a short while to allow the interior to dry, as it will be slobbery from your dog licking the treats out.

If any of the knobs on the lids comes off, do not allow your dog to continue using the puzzle, as your pet could damage it's paws or mouth on the sharp screw holding the knob on.

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Do not leave the puzzle outside on wet ground, or in the rain. It is intended as an indoor  puzzle.


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