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Horse shoe game

horse shoes.JPG

£ 20

Mainly due to the weight of the horseshoes, Postage and packing for this game is £6, and will be added on checkout.

Another really old traditional game.  What could be mor fun than throwing horseshoes.

  This is my version of this lovely game. For 2 players over 5 years of age. 

  You have two blue and two   silver  horseshoes.

The idea is simple. Each player throws 2 shoes, trying to get them to wrap around the post on the board. Details of how to score the game are included.

  This game is purely for fun and entertainment. It cannot be used for competition purposes.

  The horse shoes are real horse shoes, and have been on a horse. I have cleaned them up and painted them for the game.  Competition horse shoes are a particular size and weight. Mine have come from different horses, so they are all a slightly different size and weight. This all adds to the fun.

  The board I have provided is for use, without you sticking anything into your lawn.  Please feel free to

  simply push a sturdy stick into the ground if you prefer. 

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