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RING THE BULL is a very old pub game. Sadly it is no longer found in may pubs. The nearest full size version that I am aware of is in the Trip to Jerusalem, which is near the castle in Nottingham.

My version of this game is a desk top version. The full size game is quite large, as the bulls head is on a wall, and the hook hangs from the ceiling.

The idea is simple. Swing the hoop to land on the hook, thereby ringing the bull.

Very addictive and great fun to play.

The game is suitable for anybody over 6 years of age.

Please ensure there is plenty of room around the game when it is being played, to ensure nobody is hit by the swinging hoop

Please note, this item is made to order.

Please allow 7 days, plus postage time


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Postage and packing for this item is £15

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Please note, nothing will be posted outside of the UK

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