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   Guide the ball across the top, and back again, by manipulating 

  the dowels. For ages 5+

                            SHUT THE BOX GAME

   A lovely traditional family game, for one or more            players. Not suitable for children under 5

1 round 9 mens morris (3).JPG

          9 MEN'S MORRIS

  An ancient tactical game for 2 players. For ages 5+


                   WIBBLY WOBBLY
  Great fun. 30 pieces to balance on the rocker, all different shapes and sizes. For age 5+


               MU - TORERE
  A game of Maori origin, for 2 players. For ages 5+

fit four.JPG

         FIT 4 PUZZLE

   Fit the 4 pieces together to make a square.

balancing nails.JPG

  A lovely old pub game. Balance all 7 nails on top of the centre nail

26 puzzle.JPG

          26 PUZZLE

  Place the tokens on the board, so that every straight line adds up to 26

go crazy.JPG
1 to 8 start.JPG
7 coins puzzle.JPG

                GO CRAZY PUZZLE

  Place the cubes in a line, so that all 4 faces, each have 4 different colours.

  A difficult puzzle, it takes a while

         1 TO 8 PUZZLE

   Slide the pieces around until the numbers are reversed -- 1 to 8 from the top of the board

           7 COINS PUZZLE

  Place all 7 coins on the board. every time a coin is placed, you must be able to immediately slide it to a vacant spot

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