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A lovely game for anybody over 5 years of age.   Easy to play.

The base is a rocker.

You have 30 pieces, all different shapes, sizes, and different types of wood. 

The pieces are cut completely at random, so there are many different shapes, and, to add to the fun, some of them are not cut straight.

 All you have to do, is to balance all 30 pieces on the rocker. If any fall off, your turn is over.

 you can decide whether to place one piece at a time, or to try and match 2 pieces to keep the balance even. The game is a little more tricky, if you place one piece at a time, as you need to move the pieces already on the board, in order to keep them balanced.

Once you have all 30 pieces balanced on the board, let go, and slowly count to 10. If nothing falls off at 10, you have successfully completed the game.

 Please note, it does not matter if the board is not completely level, so long as nothing falls off

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